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Clinical research studies provide the medicine of tomorrow . . . today.


Metabolic Research Institute, Inc. (“MRI”), as a private Clinical Research Company, is dedicated to the advancement of science and improvement of quality of life by providing our clinical research services to pharmaceutical sponsors and medical device manufacturers.


By acting as an intermediary for the pharmaceutical and biotech community to access qualified subjects, we are able to provide the opportunity to explore promising new therapies while granting access to these experimental therapies to the people who need them. We are committed to an ethical, innovative, caring and professional environment for our sponsors, investigative team, and study participants.


 Our mission at the Metabolic Research Institute is to provide our patients and sponsors with the highest quality of clinical research available in today’s medical professional environment. We are committed to delivering efficient and timely research data, while focusing on strict adherence to protocol guidelines.

Affiliated Practice & Physicians


The Metabolic Research Institute, Inc. is an affiliate of Palm Beach Diabetes and Endocrine Specialists, P.A. (www.palmbeachdiabetes.com). This is a single specialty endocrinology practice founded in 1985.  With four offices in Palm Beach County, the practice has a database of over 19,000 patients. This significant database assists greatly in recruiting patients for clinical trials with the use of its electronic medical records.


Our eleven physicians are board certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism and play an active role in research from recruiting patients to serving as sub and principal investigators.

Facility Information


•  Located next to Good Samaritan Hospital

•  Designated Monitor Room with telephone, copier and high speed wireless internet

•  Secure/locked drug room for study medication:  ambient and refrigerated

•  Refrigerators: 2 refrigerators for refrigerated study medication

•  Fully equipped large capacity laboratory:

›   Centrifuge (3)

›   Refrigerator and -20 freezer

›   -70 freezer

•  Examination rooms: (4)

•  ECG: 12-Lead

•  Physicians on site: (4)

1515 North Flagler Drive  •  Suite 440  •  West Palm Beach, FL 33401

(561) 802-3060  •  info@mri-news.com

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