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High Cholesterol & Type 2 Diabetes?

High Cholesterol & Type 2 Diabetes?

You may qualify for a clinical research trial.

There is no cost to participate in this clinical research study.

Qualified candidates will be:
• Men and women 18-75 years of age
• Diagnosed with High Cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes

Additional eligibility criteria also apply.

Qualified participants will receive all study related examinations, lab tests and study medications at no cost. You may also be reimbursed for your time and travel. Health Insurance is not required.

For more information, call Metabolic Research Institute Inc. or visit: https://www.metabolic-institute.com/cholesterol/


Clinical studies are an integral part of clinical research and are at the heart of all advances in modern medicine. Our mission at the Metabolic Research Institute is to provide our patients and sponsors with the highest quality of diabetes clinical research available in today’s medical professional environment. We are committed to delivering efficient and timely research data, while focusing on strict adherence to protocol guidelines.

Metabolic Research Institute, Inc. (“MRI”), is a private Clinical Research Company located at 1515 North Flagler Drive, Suite 440, West Palm Beach Florida 33401. Unless otherwise noted, all study-related appointments for qualified clinical participants in any MRI research trial will take place at this address.

Weight Loss Study | Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes

Weight Loss Study | Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes

Overweight?  Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes?

Metabolic Research Institute in West Palm Beach, FL is recruiting overweight and obese participants with prediabetes or metformin-treated Type 2 Diabetes for a clinical research study investigating an investigational product in capsule, Gelesis200.

Qualified participants will:
•  be men or women 22 – 65 years of age
•  weigh less than 264 pounds
•  be generally healthy with the exception of being overweight (or obese) and diagnosed with prediabetes or metformin-treated Type 2 Diabetes

Study participants will receive all assessments, dietary counseling, and study products at no charge.  You may also be reimbursed for your time and travel.

If you would like to participate in a clinical research study testing the effect of Gelesis200, where you will receive dietary counselling for weight loss, we would like to hear from you.

For more information about this study call Metabolic Research Institute at 561-802-3060, ext 8036 or visit:  mri-news.com/diabetes-weight-loss-study/



Managing Your Diabetes During The Holidays

Managing Your Diabetes During The Holidays

Diabetes is a difficult to manage on a day to day basis, but it’s especially difficult during the holiday season when the world serves candy and sweets onto our kitchen tables. The Metabolic Research Institute works hard every day to try to provide answers and a treatment to the diabetic community, but while we work, we wanted to provide you with a couple of tips from the American Diabetes Association that will help you manage your type 2 diabetes during the holidays.


Focus on what the holidays are really about, friends and family. The more time that you spend focused on the people surrounding your table, the less you’ll focus on the tempting and sugary foods that are filling it. Catch up on what everyone’s been doing, spend time outdoors or volunteer within your community to keep busy.


The amount of physical activity you do will make a difference on the way that your body reacts to your diabetes. Spend time off doing physical activity, whether it be high, or low, intensity. This helps you manage your diabetes and your weight and makes staying on track easier post holiday season. A great way to ensure you stick to this is by preparing for a town or city run/walk or set a goal for the new coming year.

These two tips will make a big difference in managing your diabetes this season, and you’ll notice the mentality carry over to your day to day life. For more information on the work that Metabolic Research Center does and how you can help, call us today!