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Having high cholesterol is something that we hear on television commercials, in pamphlets inside of doctor’s offices and from family members that are concerned about our diet. Because we are so exposed to the words “high cholesterol”, we often trick ourselves into thinking that this is something that we can easily take care of if ever diagnosed. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and because of that too many people are stuck in situations where they suffer from high cholesterol and are grasping for straws to make it better. That being said, noticing signs and symptoms early on helps reduce the chances of high cholesterol from being out of our reach when trying to find solutions. Here are the most basic signs and symptoms that you’ll see when your cholesterol levels are high.
Tragic Health Decline

High cholesterol can go unnoticed for years to people that don’t visit the doctor on a regular basis. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way that people find out they have high cholesterol is after they’ve had a heart attack or stroke.
Pain In The Legs

Very often, cholesterol affects your legs first, so some of the main signs and symptoms that you’ll see will be pain in the legs. This happens because your arteries are clogged and aren’t able to deliver adequate amounts of blood to your legs. This can happen in any part of your leg, from the calves to your thighs, you will notice this pain whenever you’re upright, walking or traveling long distance by walking.

At the Metabolic Research Institute, we are constantly working towards treatments for difficult diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes. Learn about our current efforts to find a high cholesterol treatment and how you can be a part of this movement.