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Bad habits are only deemed bad because they increase the risk of developing health issues down the road. When you accumulate bad habits, the chances of you developing a health issue increase even more. When it comes to developing heart disease, you aren’t always able to control your chances of developing it, but there are health factors that you can control. Here are a few of the health variables that you do have control over when it comes to heart disease.
Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing up against the walls of the arteries while your heart pumps blood through your body. When the pressure rises, your body notices negative reactions that put your health at risk. Individuals with a higher blood pressure are at a greater risk of heart disease. The best way to lower blood pressure is through routine exercise and a healthy diet.

For women, smoking is the risk that heightens heart disease the most. The reason that smoking increases the risk of heart disease is because of the carbon monoxide that is in cigarettes. Carbon monoxide takes the blood from your oxygen, which creates a build up in your veins. Not only does smoking increase the chances of heart disease, but also of heart attacks and heart failure.

The basis of health factors that you can control really come down to participating in healthy activities, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. At the Metabolic Research Institute, we work hard every day towards creating a treatment for heart disease. Learn more about our efforts when you visit our website.